Go to Your Breath


I thought of this while rushing around the house before leaving for work. I have a tendency to get lost writing, and I lose track of time. So what I did today, lost track of time with coffee in hand, was to stop myself from feeling rushed and hurried, slowed down, and reminded myself to breath.

Just go to your breath.

You will hear, as I have, many instructors say this. Just observe, breath, let go. While as simple as it sounds, letting go is very hard for some people. However, it is very useful when you know that life is now, each minute can happen and you just need to be aware of it. So before I jump off and scramble a bit to get ready for work, lets breath shall we?


Inhale 1…2…3…4…5…


Exhale 1…2…3…4…5…


Okay, now you can move on with your day! If that piqued your interest, look up different breathing techniques and how to add them to your day. Have a great morning!



Mrs 305

Published by 305

I am an eclectic woman who LOVES a good book, strong tea, and loud music. Writing is the expression of the soul. As a yoga instructor my focus is always on proper alignment of the asana, stability of the pranayama, and the deepening of our connection with Spirit. My intention is to share my passion and love for books and reading with wonderful people everywhere. May you all live beautifully and authentically. Namaste

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