Sutra 1.3

तदा ड्रास्तुः स्वरूपे वस्थानम

tada: then; drastuh: of the soul; svarupe: in its own nature;

avasthanam: abiding, remaining, absorbed in

When that is accomplished, the seer abides in its own true nature

Following the last sutra, when the yogi has still its mind and all of its fluctuations, the yogi reveals their true nature. This can only be done when we push aside what is imposed on us, and when we discipline ourselves to let go of insecurities and doubts. When your Soul, or purusa, is freed from thought patterns the yogi can become its authentic self. The Soul, purusa, is pure consciousness, and while its pure nature never changes, it can be bogged down by the mind and its influences.  Yoga allows us to discipline our minds and bodies, and find that authenticity.

The wave forgets the truth that it is ocean, thinking itself
to be the grand shape, which it has temporarily taken.
For a while, it takes on the rupa (form) of wave.
Finally, it remembers its true rupa (form) of ocean.
The two coexist, though one is true, and the
other, though beautiful, is only relatively true.
So too, we humans forget our true nature,
but, through yoga, can remember. –Swami J.

Imagine the Soul is a crystal, clear and pure. Now imagine that the mind is all the colors of the rainbow, and the Soul reflects the colors all around it. Only when the mind is stilled, does it clear, and allow the Soul to shine its purity through. It isn’t tainted by the mind, but remains pure. Our bodies take in the world around us through our senses, this influences our mind. The yogi is able, through proper practice, use their body to discipline the body and mind, using the breath as a bridge between the physical body and the conscious mind. From here comes the benefits of yoga, by stilling everything and focusing our bodies and minds on moving further into the stillness.



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