Sutra 1.5

वृत्तयः पंचातयः क्लिष्टा अक्लिष्टा

vrittayah pancatayah klishta aklishta

vrittayah: the vrittis are; pancatayah: five fold, panch means five; klishta: colored, painful, afflicted, impure, the root klish means to cause trouble; aklishta: uncolored, not painful, pure, not imbued with kleshas; the root a means without or in the absence of

Sutra 1.5 teaches us what the 5 kinds of thoughts are, and reveals if they are colored, klishta, or not colored, aklishta. Through yoga we can discover our thoughts, and systematically dismiss the false identities that could over our true selves, our purusa. The process of uncoloring our thoughts is integral to the practice of yoga, and appears multiple times throughout later chapters.

Many times I find myself thinking negatively about myself or a situation. If I am not careful about catching it, these thoughts can lead to a daily pattern that is very hard to break. Most often, the negativity is directed inwards about myself than it is about others. It can be easy to slip into this thinking without monitoring our thoughts, leading to habits that become ingrained and harder to break. If we make a conscious effort to check them every day, it become second nature to think in a more positive light, or to banish all attachments to thoughts and perceptions. Letting go of these attachments and perceptions, allows us to experience life more fully, with more joy; from a neutral observing standpoint. Of course, this doesn’t mean your whole life will be from the seat of the observer, but more that we allow our minds to “think” without attachment to any perception that we may have, leading us to truly experience the fullness of life.


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