Restorative Soundbath

February 19th at Sacred Grove Studio 5P-6P

Restorative Soundbath
Svetla Morrison from The Quiet Mind Designed invites you to join her for a deeply restorative experience of sound bathing. These past two years have been so impactful on our nervous system and psyche. More than ever before we need to intentionally create the space and time to support ourselves so we sustain our capacity to show up for our loved ones. A sound bath provides one with a safe space and much needed time to slow down and connect with the deep calm we all crave while running after the never ending to-do list. The impact of sound bath is similar to the one of practicing mindfulness meditation – it activates the parasympathetic nervous system and gets the mind and the body out of the seemingly endless “fight and flight” state the constant “go-go” mode of productivity demands on us. Making an appointment with yourself for a sound bath is an invitation for self-care where both body and mind will feel renewed. Bathing in the gentle sounds of singing bowls, other instruments and intuitive vocalization leaves one with the feeling of having been cleansed and refreshed. Join 90 minutes of peaceful, calming sounds and unwind, reset and rebalance. 

***Svetla is a holistic practitioner offering restorative sound baths, guided meditations and nature based mindfulness (read self-care 😉 ) practices. She currently juggles growing herself, growing a child and growing a community of like minded humans. You can connect with her work on IG and FB joining The Quiet Mind Designed.

***The Sound Bathing session she will offer consists of:- arriving here and now centering activities- restorative sound bath with singing bowls, koshi chimes, gong and other instruments- intuitive vocalization – the power of sound vibration on body (optional)- nurturing circle of hearts
Please wear comfortable clothes and bring water/tea…..(Matts, blankets, bolsters, other props…) and anything else that will support your deep relaxation. We have a limited number of props available for your use.

***A Comfortable amount of space is offered for distancing between mats. Masks are optional. Spots are limited to offer comfort to all attendees.

****Suggested donation $25

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