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Welcome to Sacred Grove Studio!

Below you will meet the teachers that make up Sacred Grove!



Throughout my life I always knew that there was something missing, something that I was searching for to fill my soul with wonder, and never knew exactly what or where it was. When I found myself newly married, moved to a new state with no one around, with no real career, I stumbled across a yoga studio that offered teacher training.

“This would be fun.” I though to myself.

I never imagined the path it would put me on, the void that it would help me heal, the endless journey inward it brought to me, or the other paths that I have travelled because of it. Finally, after many failed attempts at finding it, I found home. It was within me all along, I just needed help finding it. I will be eternally grateful to my teacher Sandy Hicks, owner of Grounded by Yoga, LLC, for helping me find my home, embracing me when I didn’t want to embrace myself, and loving me when I didn’t understand why anyone would. To my husband Michael, who has been 100% supportive, even when I was blinded to his support, who helped me study, helped me trust. I am beyond blessed by the people in my life who have helped me find this journey, and am filled with gratitude by their endless supply of love and laughter.

For all those searching, stop. What you are searching for will find you when you least expect it. I hope you enjoy the blog, hope that you find something useful from it, and hope that you feel the love, compassion, and peace I want to share with you here at Sacred Grove Studio!

“A woman may have many names, many shapes, many faces. It isn’t up to anyone to decide what these may be, just to love and embrace all of them.” ~ Kelisha




Kati Backarowski is a licensed massage therapist and a leading Reiki Master and teacher. As a healer, we are blessed to have her and her talents as part of our space. Kati leads our new moon drum circles, sponsored by The Little Dragon’s Hoard.


Svetla Ganeva-Morrison

We are delighted to have Svetla Ganeva-Morrison of The Quiet Mind Designed join our team of spirit healers. With guided meditations and sound baths, she is a peace warrior.

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