Our Space

I thought I would do a short, and I mean short, video to introduce you to the physical location of Sacred Grove. This is where we are beginning, where we will stretch our wills and discover our depths. I hope that if you’re local you’ll be able to join us for a class or workshopContinue reading “Our Space”

Our Mission

At Sacred Grove, we aim to create an open, sacred community dedicated to realigning the body, mind, and spirit back into harmony with nature through sustainable methods. It is our goal to be able to build a temple open to all paths so that we may meet the needs within our eclectic nature based faithContinue reading “Our Mission”

Join Our Team

Ready to bring your unique style of yoga, meditation, or other healthy, holistic offering to a group class? Message us to join our team for the Fall and Winter schedule! Multiple days and times availableAvailability to schedule PrivatesClean, Open space for a variety of classesDedicated ParkingMarketing Assistance Email us at sacredgrovestudiosakron@gmail.com

Warrior Wednesday

Our Warrior Wednesday Shout out goes to The Hummingbird Project, a Cleveland based nonprofit working to help communities reconnect with the natural world, and empowering resilience through ecological regenerative and sustainable practices. I am in love with their tagline: “Working for social change through ecological regeneration and community empowerment.” Check them out!! #WarriorWednesday#ItTakesAVillage#OurPlanetMatters