Basics of Breath

“Go to your breath” “Focus on your breath/ing.” These are two of the most common phrases any student will hear during a yoga class, but what does it mean? For many yogis of all levels, this is sometimes the most confusing, the hardest, and elusive part of the practice. One thing to remember: Yoga goesContinue reading “Basics of Breath”

The Three Nadis

Nadis are pathways and channels of prana throughout the body, and there are about 72,000 nadis, and three major nadis. The major nadis are Ida, Pingala, and Shushumna. While they do not have a physical manifestation within the body, you will notice that the energy within the body, the prana, moves in certain pathways, whichContinue reading “The Three Nadis”

5 Forms of Prana

There are five main vayus of prana within our bodies that govern different systems and movements. By working with the vayus, a yogi can bring balance to the physiological systems and functions of the mind. Let us start first with the definition of prana.┬áPrana is the Sanskrit word for life force, the energy that makesContinue reading “5 Forms of Prana”


We are all aware that our bodies can pick up “vibes”. You walk into an uncomfortable situation, a loving atmosphere; you cannot explain how or why, you just know. This is part of our subtle body, the energy that is around our bodies as well as within. One of these subtle bodies are our chakras.Continue reading “Chakras”