Non-attachment, non-possesiveness, non-grasping. These all are tied with aparigraha, our last yama we will discuss. Patanjali describes this in sutra 2.35: “When one is steadfast in non-possesiveness or non-grasping, with the senses, there arises knowledge of the why and wherefore of past and future incarnations.” Every journey in life ties in with this yama.Continue reading “Aparigraha”


In Sanskrit, asteya means “avoidance of non-stealing”. I skipped over this yama and went right to brahmacharya, so how about we revisit? Non-stealing is pretty straight forward, many of the yamas are, but there are always deeper ways of looking at things. What ways do we steal? Look at the things you do every day,Continue reading “Asteya”

Brahmacharya is What?

I think one of the most uncomfortable yamas to talk about so far is brahmacharya. Be careful Googling this one! Now, looking strictly at the sutra from Pantanjali, brahmacharya is as follows: II.38 “Upon the establishment of celibacy, power is attained.” Now as a married woman this just did not seem very possible. So IContinue reading “Brahmacharya is What?”

Thoughts on Aparigraha

It is snowing today in the Finger Lakes. A lazy drizzle of white that reminds me to make sure I have socks on. This time of year is dark, when the sun is always hiding behind a cloud and setting too early. It’s a time to reflect on the darkness of the seasons, watching theContinue reading “Thoughts on Aparigraha”


The second yama following ahimsa is satya, truthfulness. I went back and re-read pada II.30 from Pantanjali‘s Sutras and the following commentary to realign myself with the text, as well as a post on this yama from our instructor. Complete honesty, with harming none, is the point of the yama. It ties back into theContinue reading “Satya”


Reminded today of the first step in living yoga, my instructor posted about ahimsa, the first of the eight limbs of yoga. Now it discussed ahimsa and how it relates to compassion for all living things, pointing towards living a vegetarian lifestyle because true compassion for all livings things would make a carnivorous lifestyle disgusting.Continue reading “Ahimsa”