Painting Meditations

So exciting! Have you ever been curious about using colors after a meditation? Curious what you will feel called to do with paint? Join us July 16th, 5:00-6:30pm for a very special workshop, Painting Meditations!

Dive into deep meditation guided by Jess, exploring varying themes, and then ground yourself through painting what you feel. Don’t feel shy either, no painting or artistic training or talent needed, just the opportunity to allow yourself creative expression!
Supplies will be provided, as well as light refreshments.

Pre Registration is Required, and spaces are limited to 6! Make sure to reserve your spot, and if you like bring a friend! You can sign up HERE.

Empowering YOU

Our Herbal Offerings

You may see in our tags #MoreThanYourAverageYogaStudio all the time, and I’m here to answer that question of, “Well, what does that mean?”. At SGS it is more than asana and pranayama that we hope to teach you; more than guiding you into blissful surrender for your savasana. Its the goal, the aim, to EMPOWER you to learn how to guide yourself to these deep places, to assist you in learning all of your authentic self and helping give you the tools to heal the body, mind, and spirit. For too long our culture has treated these as seperate beings, instead of the holy trifecta of what it means to be a living being within our wide Universe. You see, we are all interconnected, part of a wide tapestry, dependent on the entire ecology of planet Earth.

Yes, I want you to come to class, of course I do. Sometimes you just need that class enviornment to really discipline the mind, but I also want to help guide you into finding how to meditate alone, find connection yourself through various activities to the wide and beautiful world around you, and to assist in the path of your healing. That is why I offer so many different avenues for you to find what resonates with your spirit. Guided Meditation, Yoga Flow, Restorative Sound Baths, Restorative Yoga w/Reiki, Divination Meditations, and Herbals.

Folk Herbalism, a method of healing with plant allies that is prevelant throughout all cultures, has been around since humans evolved. A deep connection between homo sapien and the plant world around them, a beautiful understanding and knowledge of the energies and vibrations each ally represents. Enjoy custom tea blends during workshops, or take some home with you! We also create ritual bath salts, bath soaks, and other herbal offerings to connect you to yourself and the plant world around you. Reclaim the knowledge and power of healing yourself, and take back what corporate modernity has created.

If you’re interested in learning more about herbal allies and crafting your own remedies, or just want to quickly pop in to grab a premade one, just drop us a line or come visit us!



What is Sacred Grove?

Not your average yoga studio…

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I’d like to introduce you to Sacred Grove Studio, a passion project that
started way back in 2015 with donation based outdoor yoga next to Springfield
Lake. Back then it was known as Spirit of of a Yogi, and I taught classes
lakeside in a gazebo, and the donations allowed me to donate a Little Free
Library for the Springfield community. Now, this passion has a space tucked
away in the Ellet neighborhood, still offering yoga classes that focus on
alignment and pranayama, but also so much more.

Now, classes have expanded to allow students to find expanded consciousness, a
deeper connection to the Universe, and a path to finding self-knowledge and
healing. I firmly believe that healing, that self-knowledge, is everyone’s
right, and that these tools should be made available to everyone, so that
humanity can heal as a whole and become closer to a peaceful coexistence with
the natural world around us. Our world is in crisis, we’ve been seeing this
spiral for over a decade, and it’s up to each of us to heal ourselves, allow
that healing to ripple through our family and friendships, and affect positive
change in our communities. Realizing this was a turning point in how I viewed
this space, wanting to create an authentic space geared towards healing. This
is why I founded Sacred Grove, to be a place primarily of healing the body,
mind, and spirit, bringing each person into deeper communion with their
authentic self, so that they can in turn heal their communities. This is yoga.
This is what it means to me when we are in union together. It is why I strive
to keep yoga classes accessible, not just physically, but financially. Healing
isn’t just for those that can afford it. It’s crucial for EVERYONE. At Sacred
Grove you will find no gatekeeping, no guarding of secret knowledge, but a
space designed to share, learn, and explore together. A space where you can
reach new edges to your practice and be allowed to feel vulnerable in the new
ground you explore within. A judgment free space, catered to allowing the
practice of yoga, meditation, and shamanic trance work guide you along in your

It is so much more than asana.

Classes range from hatha and yin inspired yoga, to restorative yoga; from
metaphysical classes like Working with Nature, to reiki shares and sound baths.
Each month Reiki Shares are held so that those new to reiki can experience it,
and new practitioners have a chance to “talk shop” with others and
practice their offerings. On the new moon a Women’s Wisdom Circle is held,
allowing for women to come together as they have for millennia and share wisdom
and heal together the rift patriarchal tendencies have placed on women and
sisterhood. Drum circles are held as well at this time, drumming in change and
energy to bring in new light and passion into your lives. Our monthly Sound
Bath w/Reiki is also designed to give you healing space using not just reiki
but the energy of singing bowls. For everything in this Universe vibrates and
checking into these vibrations will allow for a deeper connection and healing.
Everything we do is to heal. Each class and workshop designed to offer healing,
even in small ways. Our Crafty Kid’s workshops are also designed this way, with
the healing medicine of laughter!

So come visit, take a class, and introduce yourself. I hope to meet you one
day, as you walk through the doors to check us out. I look forward to sharing
space, sharing laughter, and exploring wisdom with you. It is my hope that one
day we will see a healing center, bookstore, and tea shop on every corner. Maybe
one day, a woman can dream. For now, one in every neighborhood will suffice. So
come say “HI”!

Love, Light, and Blessings

Jess “Aayla”

The Veil is Thinning: Working with Spirits

Twice a year, in the Spring and Fall the veil, or the dimensions between our world and the next, is thin, allowing us to communicate and work with spirits and energies. In the Fall it is traditional to say goodbye, release, and honor the ancestors, but the vibration of Spring is different. It is a time of honoring the ancestors, but also of welcoming and acknowledging the spirits coming into the world as well; those that are to become.

Come learn how to reach out and welcome the Spirit energies of what will be.

Bring with you pendulums if you have them. If not, then an open mind and a notebook is all you need!

Class is $15 and is offered online as well as in person! Sign up via Facebook HERE or you can sign up directly through our website HERE.

Spring Is Here

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

Rainer Maria Rilke
Ostara Retreat in PA

Spring is here and with it the energy of getting projects started and done. Its the time for starting seeds, tilling the land (once temps are above 50 steadily!), and noticing what gifts nature has brought your garden over the winter. Its a joyful time, hopeful and optimistic, yearning for summer days but languishing in the spring breeze. At SGS it has come to mean putting our plans into action, expanding ourselves within and without, and working on the inner landscape we spent the winter exploring. I’ve never been more optimistic about the direction and journey ahead, knowing that SGS is stepping into the authentic path I had envisioned all those years ago meditating by lakes and whispering to pine trees. Take a look below at some of our new recurring events, classes, and offerings. I cannot wait to explore this path with you!


New and Old

I’m happy to bring to you the same yoga flow classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, but also new classes as well to encourage you to learn, grow, and acheive new goals and heights!

Women’s Wisdom-This monthly class is one I’ve been dreaming of since I was young. A space where women in all stages of womenhood can come together and share, experience, learn, and grow together in sacred space and connection. This is a donation based offering that will occur around the new moon, the creative dark womb of the moon: a time of creating sacred connection. More information can be found here.

Whispers of Nature-Our Tuesday offering, led by the incredibly knowledgable Culsa, dives into all of the nitty gritty of gardening, soil, and our powerful plant allies, as well as their mystical properties and folklore. If you’ve ever been called to dig your hands into the Earths soil and nurture it, to sing to the trees, to craft home remedies for your loved ones, and find symbolism and comfort in the animals and insects of your garden, this is the class for you! This is a weekly offering, at $10, or 4 for $25. Bring a notebook and all your questions! You wont be disappointed.

Reiki Shares– These monthly Reiki Shares are designed to give beginners an experience of what Reiki is, how it works, and to experience how it feels. This energetic healing modality is essential to self knowledge and personal growth, as well as learning your personal energetic signatures and patterns. If you’re new to Reiki and want to know what it is like, this is a great experience if you have wanted to test the waters. If you’re a practitioner, this is a great way to not only share your gifts, but to recieve healing for yourself as well from fellow practitioners. The space is limited, so you will want to sign up early! These are always on the Second Sunday of the month, 1-3pm. $10.

Our Expanded Offerings

New Classes & Workshops! 

Check out our new workshops and classes below! You can also follow our events on Facebook.


  • Gentle Flow @ 9:00am -10:00am
  • Guided Meditation @ 5:30pm – 6:30pm


  • Whispers from Nature @ 5:00pm-6:30pm


  • Yoga Flow @ 6:00pm – 7:00pm


  • Lunch Flow @ 12:00pm-1:00pm
  • Yoga Flow @ 5:00pm – 6:00pm

We also have monthly themed tea guided meditations, so check out our website HERE for all our classes and packages! Privates are available as well, email us to schedule!

Restorative Soundbath

February 19th at Sacred Grove Studio 5P-6P

Restorative Soundbath
Svetla Morrison from The Quiet Mind Designed invites you to join her for a deeply restorative experience of sound bathing. These past two years have been so impactful on our nervous system and psyche. More than ever before we need to intentionally create the space and time to support ourselves so we sustain our capacity to show up for our loved ones. A sound bath provides one with a safe space and much needed time to slow down and connect with the deep calm we all crave while running after the never ending to-do list. The impact of sound bath is similar to the one of practicing mindfulness meditation – it activates the parasympathetic nervous system and gets the mind and the body out of the seemingly endless “fight and flight” state the constant “go-go” mode of productivity demands on us. Making an appointment with yourself for a sound bath is an invitation for self-care where both body and mind will feel renewed. Bathing in the gentle sounds of singing bowls, other instruments and intuitive vocalization leaves one with the feeling of having been cleansed and refreshed. Join 90 minutes of peaceful, calming sounds and unwind, reset and rebalance. 

***Svetla is a holistic practitioner offering restorative sound baths, guided meditations and nature based mindfulness (read self-care 😉 ) practices. She currently juggles growing herself, growing a child and growing a community of like minded humans. You can connect with her work on IG and FB joining The Quiet Mind Designed.

***The Sound Bathing session she will offer consists of:- arriving here and now centering activities- restorative sound bath with singing bowls, koshi chimes, gong and other instruments- intuitive vocalization – the power of sound vibration on body (optional)- nurturing circle of hearts
Please wear comfortable clothes and bring water/tea…..(Matts, blankets, bolsters, other props…) and anything else that will support your deep relaxation. We have a limited number of props available for your use.

***A Comfortable amount of space is offered for distancing between mats. Masks are optional. Spots are limited to offer comfort to all attendees.

****Suggested donation $25

Tea Meditation Workshop

Come slow down with us during a tea meditation workshop. You will be invited to take a seat, sip an herbal tea designed to relax the spirit and mind, and be guided through a meditation. We ask that you bring a journal, a mug, and a favorite blanket if you’d like to wrap up in. No mats required. Space is limited to 8, so make sure to sign up quickly! Cost is $20

Our Space

I thought I would do a short, and I mean short, video to introduce you to the physical location of Sacred Grove. This is where we are beginning, where we will stretch our wills and discover our depths. I hope that if you’re local you’ll be able to join us for a class or workshop soon! Welcome!