How to Heal with Empathy

You are standing in line waiting while a woman unloads all of her groceries, gets them loaded into her cart, and pulls out her check book and starts writing, slowly, to pay for her groceries, while her child stares at you in the cart. Remember the elderly couple who walked very slowly in front ofContinue reading “How to Heal with Empathy”


The first of the niyamas, our external observances, is¬†saucha. Saucha¬†is cleanliness or purity. In yoga, we always talk about a wholeness of body, mind, and soul, and the yamas and the niyamas are meant to be applied in this way. So we are not just discussing the cleanliness or purity of your physical body, butContinue reading “Soucha”


Reminded today of the first step in living yoga, my instructor posted about ahimsa, the first of the eight limbs of yoga. Now it discussed ahimsa and how it relates to compassion for all living things, pointing towards living a vegetarian lifestyle because true compassion for all livings things would make a carnivorous lifestyle disgusting.Continue reading “Ahimsa”