5 Koshas

Koshas are layers of our consciousness that we sheath our minds in. Koshas translated literally means sheath. I like to reference them as layers, which effectively makes me think of the Shrek quote about onions. Koshas are like onions. They are layers that lead to the inner truth of ourselves, our true consciousness, our purityContinue reading “5 Koshas”

Meditating…in the Garden

It has been a beautiful day. The sun shone with the brilliance of the first nice day, bringing hope for the adventures only summer can bring. The happy, smiling faces of daisies dancing in the wind, the budding blossoms on the chives plant. With each weed that is pulled, birds chirp wildly nearby, bouncing alongContinue reading “Meditating…in the Garden”

A Saturday Meditation

Saturday’s are usually my favorite days. Honestly, there is nothing better to me than waking up next to my husband, cuddled up under the blankets, with Momma (our cat) curled up on my side. Best way to wake up, ever! After whispering to each other, because the morning is too peaceful to be loud, hubbyContinue reading “A Saturday Meditation”

A Balancing Act

“Balance is beautiful” Miyoko Ohno It can truly be an art form, balancing yourself, your life, your work…everything in life requires balance. From balancing your check book to your mind. I imagine this to be a scale, a giant scale, with fairies plopping words or symbols that represent things in my life on each side,Continue reading “A Balancing Act”